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Debra loves connecting with clients one-on-one to create personalized treatment plans. Alternative healing services include:

Energy Healing  |  Life Coaching  |  Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting  |  Yoga Nidra


Energy Healing

Energy healing can clear energy blocks in the body, re-align the chakras, and calm the busy mind so you feel lighter, clearer, and more able to handle stressful situations. Debra is a certified level 6 LifeForce energy healer trained by world-renowned teacher Deborah King. Send Debra a message to schedule an energy healing session today.

Life Coaching

Helping others feel comfortable in their own skin is Debra’s calling. All her life, Debra has been known as an intuitive and compassionate listener. During her four decades as a hair stylist, Debra noticed her clients engaging in more than just small talk: they shared their deepest fears and traumas with her, and she gained a loyal following as the local “salon therapist” in Annapolis, Maryland. A survivor of some challenging life circumstances, her unique life’s journey taught her much about overcoming hardship and achieving both internal and external balance.

Naturally, the next step was earning her life coaching certificate studying under Deborah King, a world-renowned energy healer and spiritual leader. Becoming a certified life coach has been the perfect evolution of Debra’s natural gift. Send Debra a message to schedule a life coaching session.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting

Everyone is different, and each person’s path toward health is unique. Ayurveda is an ancient system of preventative medicine developed in India thousands of years ago. According to Ayurveda, the mind strongly influences the body, and by bringing the mind into balance, only then can the body follow. Ayurvedic practitioners define “health” as mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, not simply a lack of visible diseases.

Western medicine typically focuses on treating outward symptoms of disease. Ayurveda prevents disease in the first place by bringing a person’s mind, body, and lifestyle into balance. It works hand-in-hand with the practice of yoga, whose highest purpose is internal unity.

Ayurveda treats each person as an individual with his of her own unique constitution. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, Ayurvedic practitioners take into account each patient’s lifestyle, environment, location, family history, and many other factors when making recommendations.

Debra earned her certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant studying under Dr. Vijay Jain  and Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla at the Amrit Yoga Institute. Dr. Jain is a retired surgeon who, after experiencing the benefits of Ayurveda first-hand, now teaches and practices it with hundreds of students across the country.  Send Debra a message to schedule a personalized Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation.

Click here to read more about the science of Ayurveda.


Yoga Nidra

The purpose of Yoga Nidra is to awaken the infinite potential that is dormant within us all. People who practice Yoga Nidra consistently report lower stress levels, deeper sleep, less anxiety, and an increased ability to disengage from unhealthy thoughts or habits.

Yoga means union and implies a joining or completeness. Yoga Nidra is the integrative sleep of the yogis: a unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation. It takes you to the alpha and theta states of consciousness, far beyond ordinary waking consciousness. In these deep states, the integrative powers of the Third Eye and the higher centers of consciousness are released. This is the center where visions become reality, giving you direct access to the extraordinary powers of your own intuition, creativity, health and abundance.

There are many techniques for bringing one into this state, but Yoga Nidra is much more than a relaxation exercise. It is a place, a space that can be entered through the techniques of breath and relaxation.

Debra received her 100-hour certification as a Yoga Nidra Master Facilitator from the Amrit Yoga Institute. She offers personalized sessions tailored to each client’s needs, and will work with you to create an overarching Intention for your meditation. Send Debra a message to schedule a personalized Yoga Nidra session.

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